OMNIDOME - Concept & UI Design.
Proof of concept, Alpha & Beta design for Omnidome mapping software.


  • Client: Collaberation with Michael Winkelmann
  • Date: August, 2013 - ongoing.
  • Online: Michael Winkelmann

The Omnidome projection mapping software started life as a Quartz Composer patch with a spherical mapping shader written by Michael Winkelmann at it's core. We used the fantastic VDMX To load in our shaders to give us access to the mapping controls and handle the content.

This gave us a working Mapping solution but not a piece of usable software, at this point Micha decided to write a full application using Qt. While I worked out the concept for the usability and workflow for our project. We have iterated through many designs and upgrades and continue to work on the next full release.